Monday, 31 January 2011

My Sister Amber

More Bike Drama

Not impressed with the idiot who did a hit and run with Lizzie. Knocked her down and left her leaking her life blood onto the road (oil). Luckily I remembered to get breakdown cover and the nice man in the Yamaha shop said he would look after her. Poor baby.

Cirque Du Soliel - Totem

And The Human Glitter Ball descended from the ceiling.
Hmm, not sure whether I like the make that the ink left on the back better than I do the actual image.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Bike Drama

Thought lizzie was having a strop at me for ignoring her for a week and refusing to start but it turns out that Lizzie's loyalty was not in question, merely my intelligence, as what was really wrong was that I had forgotten to turn the choke on! Will not jump to conclusions regarding the reliability of my little bike again.

Stink Eye

The Stink-eye has now mutated to the 'Stinky-Face' (courtesy of Jason) and the twitching stink-eye, for those times when you are really angry.


My new favourite word