Friday, 26 March 2010

Concerto Fashion Show

I just found these images on my computer of the Fashion/Dance show I styled when I was doing work experience with Studio Boardman (creative events company) a couple of years ago. The theme was based on three tube lines, the central line (red), the Northern line (Black), and the Jublilee line (silver/grey - not shown). The central line outfits were pretty and flouncy to reflect all of the high street retail that is found along the central line. The Jubilee line was statuesque and grand, and the Northern line was a bit more grungy and flamboyant to reflect the likes of camden that can be found along the line.

Mostly, the pieces were pulled from the costume cupboard but I hand made a couple of the pieces, including the red hat and the satin and net bustle skirt.

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