Wednesday, 17 November 2010

130 Mile Bike-a-thon

So on Friday me and The LZR started our 130 mile journey by running out of petrol right next to a car cleaning garage and were rescued by an old man called Reggie who took me in his squeaky clean van to the nearest petrol station to pick up some magic juice.

We then ran over a dead badger at 50mph and actually managed to get some air as if the badger was some kind of twisted skate ramp and I was an extreme motorcycle sports fanatic. Despite the grotesqueness of the situation I couldn't help chuckling to myself for ages afterwards.

After we'd spent a while on the road together my little bike told me her name was Lizzie and so she was christened Lizzie the LZR. I spent a good deal of the journey chuckling (yes, to myself) over Austin Powers' 'Mini me, stop humping the laser.'

We trundled on as the sky turned darker and the rain clouds rolled in, and managed to avoid getting hideously lost, but then turned onto an A road that was more like a four lane motorway and had to grit my teeth and remain calm while 3 lanes of traffic whizzed past me.

We arrived home sopping wet and aching, but buzzing, to find that my amazing flatmate had run me a hot bath & cooked me dinner.

Thanks M and thanks Lizzie for getting me here safe and sound.

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